Part 1: Putting Stress to Sleep

Missed the live webinar? Catch the full recording below. 


Below you’ll find the key takeaways from part 1 of the Remrise x Devin Burke sleep series. These tools and strategies can be put into practice tonight, impacting your stress and sleep right away.

Key Takeaways:

  • Control your thoughts: When handling stressful ideas, we want to make the active decision to control our thoughts. Focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want
  • Sleep hygiene is essential for high quality sleep. When you create intentional habits, rituals and routines around your bedtime, turning off your stressors becomes easier. For help, check out the Remrise routine.
  • For example, our founder, Veronica, takes her Remrise 1 hour before bed. This is her cue to stop using her phone, start relaxing and winding down.
  • Keep a consistent sleep schedule in order to keep your circadian rhythm on track. The most important thing is that you wake up at the same time consistently. How to start a consistent schedule? Set a reminder for when to be in bed.
    • Eliminate stimulants before bed. The goal here is to shift your body to “rest and digest” also known as your parasympathetic system. When we stimulate our brains, we remain in fight or flight mode and our brain won’t shut off. 

    Key Terms: 

    • “Know Your Why" - When seeking to change something in your life, it is critical that you always remember WHY you are working towards change… Be as specific as possible - the more specific, the more it will reside with you.  
      • For example, think further than “I want to get better sleep so I feel better” and push yourself to come up with something specific like “I want to get better sleep so that I am able to wake up each morning feeling well rested and ready to bring my 100% to work and to my family life!”
      • Bed Buffer - Set a wind-down routine 60-90 minutes before bed. Your bed is a kind of sanctuary. If you can’t fall asleep after 15-20 minutes, you should actually get out of bed and reset your mind to get in ready to wind down. 
      • Rest & Digest - Also known as your parasympathetic nervous system, this helps restore our body to equilibrium.


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