Part 2: Fact from Fiction: Dealing with fear and hysteria

Missed the live webinar? Catch the full recording below. 


Below you’ll find the key takeaways from part 2 of the Remrise x Devin Burke sleep series. These tools and strategies can be put into practice tonight, impacting your stress and sleep right away.

Key Takeaways:

  • “What we resist, we persist” - Our instinct is to dwell on a bad night of sleep and get our mindset into negative thoughts surrounding bed. If we resist a good night sleep, it will in-fact persist. Instead, if you have trouble sleeping for 15 minutes, get out of bed, do something relaxing and return to bed only when sleepy. 


  • Self Care is essential for a good night's sleep. What we practice during the day, bringing compassion and gratitude from food, relationships, exercise will result in positive bedtimes. 


  • Why do we sleep? We sleep to live. The reason is so that we can wake up and have energy to create things, to connect with others, to make new decisions. Right now, it is a good time to create new energy. When we create new energy, transformation happens. 


  • Allow yourself to let go of the struggle to not be able to sleep. When we choose to shift our thinking to our breath or peaceful thoughts, we are choosing to support ourselves and create the mindset that will allow us to fall asleep. Learning to apply meaning in the struggle or meaning to not being able to fall asleep allows us to accept events that happen. 

Key Terms: 

  •  S.E.L.F. - Sleep, exercise, love, food 


  • Meaning Makers - When we change the meaning of something, we are also changing the experience. We are allowing ourselves to look at an event, for example, not being able to sleep, and accept a different outcome, bringing peace to the event.
    • If we cannot fall asleep, the meaning does not have to mean we will have a bad day the next day or we are broken. The loss of sleep does not equate to these things if we shift our meaning perception. 

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