5 Ways Melatonin Could Be Messing Up Your Sleep

One of the cornerstones of remrise and our ingredients is that we are 100% melatonin-free. We believe that deep and restorative sleep can be achieved through ingredients that are not habit-forming and can be taken long-term. 

The term melatonin is both used as the name of the hormone produced inside the pineal gland and the sleep supplement. In this article, we will be referring to the ramifications of taking melatonin, the sleep supplement.

If you are currently taking melatonin or are thinking of using it, here are 5 ways melatonin could be messing up your sleep. 

five ways melatonin could be messing up your sleep

1. You are not taking the steps to ensure healthy sleep 

By blindly reaching for melatonin to find relief instead of looking at the entire picture, you may be missing out on important clues regarding your sleep issues. 

We believe that remrise is a superfood elixir that goes beyond the traditional sleep aid. Melatonin is a sleep aid that can be easily hooked on but doesn’t address the root of the problem. But remrise addresses the root of the problem through nutritious ingredients your body is deficient in to help with sleep and stress, in addition to gut and brain health.

Remrise not only provides sleep support, but our ingredients are formulated to be taken long-term to provide cumulative benefits to your gut health, immune system, brain health, and to reduce inflammation.

2. You can overdose on melatonin

Taking too much supplementary melatonin could disrupt your circadian rhythm (also called your sleep-wake cycle).

For example, some people can be more sensitive than others to the effects of melatonin. A dose that might trigger side effects in one person may have little effect on someone else.

Symptoms of a melatonin overdose include headache, nausea, dizziness, and anxiety.

So technically you can overdose on melatonin but only because there isn’t an official standard dose for everyone. 

3. Melatonin can actually have the opposite effect

Those who are reaching for melatonin to provide relief to a sleepless night might be surprised when they experience interrupted sleep or waking up earlier than intended. 

By taking too much melatonin, your sleep/wake cycle can be thrown off. Leaving you in a cycle of daytime sleepiness, taking more melatonin to compensate for the night before, and then continuing down the path of increased sleep issues.

4. Melatonin could be interfering with other important medications

The supplement could also interfere with other important medications, including blood thinners, diabetes drugs, immune system-suppressing drugs, anti-seizure drugs and some contraceptives. 

Melatonin may increase blood pressure in individuals taking medication for hypertension and increase blood glucose levels in diabetics. Melatonin can also increase the sedative effect of central nervous system depressants and diminish the effectiveness of immunosuppressive therapy and medications for epilepsy.

5. Melatonin might not effectively address your primary sleep disorder

With the onset of melatonin products available online and in retail stores, there are concerns surrounding its efficacy and impact on long-term health. In addition to melatonin not effectively addressing the primary sleep disorder, you may be experiencing. 

For example, if you have a sleep problem that is caused by anxiety or another hormonal issue, then melatonin may not work to ease your sleep issues. 

Most people use melatonin for insomnia, hoping it will help them go to sleep sooner and stay asleep longer. Studies show that, on average, people with insomnia fall asleep about 7 minutes faster with melatonin than with a placebo. Because of the minimal benefit, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine does not recommend it for this use.

Remrise is a better alternative to melatonin

We were let down by traditional sleep supplements, so we reinvented the sleep aid by making our Remrise Sleep Powder. 

If you have ever taken a pill-form or edible sleep aid, it’s important to note that there is truly a limit to the amount of volume that can be packed into a singular capsule. 

So sleep aids that are in gummy or pill form do not hold the power of a therapeutic dose for those who are seeking a potent, extra-strength supplement. 

The remrise Sleep Powder is 5x the dosage of our Sleep Vitamins because it is conducive to really packing in therapeutic dosages for these superfood ingredients as the capsule form only allows for lower dosages. 

Alternative to melatonin, remrise recovers your body’s natural sleep rhythms to immediately benefit your sleep and ultimately, your overall health and well-being. 

We take a natural and holistic approach to our products because we believe the source of authentic energy is natural sleep. With Remrise, we believe that good days start with good nights.

Five ways melatonin could be messing up your sleep.

Feedback from customers who have seen a positive change in their sleep

The amount of quality sleep I have gotten since I started Remrise is surprising. I have been taking it an hour before bed during my "wind-down" time where I read and relax, and by the time the hour is up, I’m knocked out. Feel super refreshed in the mornings now. Curtis V. 

“I used to take Benadryl and a 10 mg melatonin until I started taking this new remrise Reishi mushroom... I love it it, helps me sleep and I wake up feeling rested! I also have received excellent customer service.” Jaime E. 

“Since I’m taking remrise I’m feeling more energy, more active, focused on my job, less fatigue, I love how my body reacts to this.” Julissa B. 

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