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Dr. Deepika Chopra's Top 5 Optimism Tips

At Remrise we believe Mental Health Awareness Month should be recognized year round. 

We sat down with The Optimism Doctor®, Dr. Deepika Chopra, who also believes emotional health is rooted in sleep health. With a doctorate in clinical psychology, with a special interest in Health, Wellness and Optimism, Dr. Chopra uses her knowledge and expertise to educate people on how to live a more optimistic and in turn healthier life. 

Dr. Chopra’s top 5 Optimism tips to improve your health and reduce stress:

1. Develop a Visual Imagery Practice

Visual imagery is a very effective way to increase optimism. If you can truly visualize something you want to achieve or overcome, by using all of your senses, your brain is more likely to believe it is possible. When your brain believes that something is possible, you are more likely to be able to fire up its executive functioning and problem-solving capacity.

2. Check Your Expectations

Your brain is an anticipatory organ. It is constantly anticipating what is coming next, whether that is a few seconds from now or weeks from now. The more you expect something to happen, the more likely your brain will do everything in its power to make that very thing happen, whether it is good or bad.


3. Find The Good In The Less Than Ideal

Challenge yourself to find any upsides, no matter how small. Then challenge yourself to find a point of growth in less than ideal situations. Instead of dwelling on what went wrong, allow yourself to be disappointed but also try to see if you can come up with something you learned from it.

4. Commit To Being Compassionate With Yourself

There is no right way to feel right now. If you are happy, hopeful, sad, angry, anxious, bored, or exhausted, lean into it with empathy. Remember, some level of anxiety can be helpful, motivating us to run through different scenarios and take more self-preserving actions. The key is to try to mindfully channel the anxious emotions to help us navigate rather than get stuck in a state of rumination or paralysis.

5. Create Small Rituals — and try to stick to them

Even though this period of time may look quite different for us all,  try and keep one or two easily doable rituals from your ‘regular’ life and add some new ones that perhaps you were not able to do before. Rituals help ground us and keep us connected to what we value most. 

Remrise, is a great product to add to your nightly routine, helping you to naturally and gently fall asleep, and stay asleep aiding in overall sleep and mental health.

Learn more about Dr. Deepika Chopra here

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