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Meditation Content for Better Sleep

During this time, we understand that a lot of you are indoors and not interacting with others as much as you usually do. While this is a time of stress and unknown, it is also a time that we can turn into ourselves and find an inner peace. 


Studies show that meditation has significant effects on improving quality of sleep. So along with your Remrise, meditating regularly is a key way to up your sleep game.

Typically our meditation content is found within the Remrise Customer Portal, available only to current customers. We’re opening up this content and giving our community & friends free access to the audio tracks during this time of great stress and anxiety. Set aside a few minutes each day to meditate, even if that’s not right before bed, though that’s our preferred time. Tune into yourself and wind down from the stressors outside. 

We recommend turning off screens 60 minutes before bed, journaling, and listening to various soothing sounds, in addition to meditation.

Meditation for Falling Asleep

Falling Asleep Meditation: 
These meditations will help you make the pleasant transition from resting in bed to deep sleep, guiding you through relaxation of your body. 
Meditation to Unwind:  
These meditations help you unwind and welcome yourself home, transitioning from the busyness of the day to a simpler, more spacious state of presence.
Fall Asleep Practicing Gratitude: 
These meditations are designed to support you in falling asleep, transitioning from lying in bed to a sleeping state.

Meditation for Returning to Sleep

Guided Imagery to Fall Back Asleep:
Be prepared next time you awake in the middle of the night. These meditations prepare you with guided imagery and breathing exercises to help you fall back asleep.
Falling Back Asleep Meditation 
These guided meditations are designed to help you return to sleep, by cultivating an attitude of ease, care, and kindness towards ourselves and others.
Visualization Meditation 
You’ve awoken in the middle of the night and want to return to sleep. In these visualization meditations, Karly will prepare you with the tools for getting back to sleep.

Other Meditation Techniques

Body Scan Meditation  
In these meditations, you’ll scan through your body and focus on relaxing one part at a time, gradually preparing your whole body for sleep.

Quieting the Mind 
It’s time to slow down in preparation for bed. In these meditations, Scott’s hypnotic voice focuses your consciousness on turning your alert mind to a state of calm.
Breath Meditation 
These meditations focus on breath. Slow deep breathing naturally soothes the nervous system, which prepares your body and mind for sleep.

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