New and Improved Remrise

We’ve formulated an even better Remrise.

Remrise was founded on the belief that good Sleephealth is the bedrock of holistic health. We’ve spent years formulating an all-natural, non-habit-forming, side-effect-free supplement to help the world fall asleep faster and achieve more restorative slumber. 

Due to our relentless passion for perfection, we’ve devoted the past year to enhancing efficacy - we’ve worked tirelessly with trusted experts, actively listened to all customer feedback, rigorously researched and ran trials with over 1,200 participants - and now are so excited to share with you our new product line and website at  

What’s New:

  • Our new product performed 2x better than previous Remrise in our trials  
  • We streamlined the offering so it is easier to use and integrate into your daily regimen, and we’re able to offer it at a lower monthly price  
  • We put even more focus on ingredients that had the highest long term health benefits in addition to helping with sleep restoration and relaxation - immunity, skin health, mood & mental health

In addition to improving our formulations, we’ve also identified two distinct Sleephealth concerns that Remrise can address: 

  1. The Sleep Optimizer (our current customer base) - those who are looking to supercharge and optimize their sleep, and 
  2. The Troubled Sleeper - those who really struggle with falling and staying asleep and need a stronger, more potent product 

Based on that finding, we’ve developed two distinct product lines combining the best ingredients from the Eastern and Western world that address each of those personas in addition to boosting immunity, elevating mood, and improving gut health.

For the Sleep Optimizer -

Our Sleep Vitamins supercharge Sleephealth by prolonging REM and deep cycles. It’s designed for sleepers who can generally fall asleep and stay asleep but are looking to optimize their sleep hours by enhancing quality sleep

For the Troubled Sleeper -

Our Concentrated Sleep Powder allows for a more potent dose of Remrise. The powder form factor is conducive to really packing in higher dosages (and what experts in the field would call therapeutic dosages) for these superfood ingredients as the capsule form factor only allows for lower dosages.  This new potent powder really helps those who struggle most with falling and staying asleep.

Sleep healthy with Remrise.

With our new formula and simplified product line, we hope you’ll find the restorative slumber you’ve been dreaming of. Have more feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you! Email and let us know your thoughts.

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