Q&A with CEO and Founder of Remrise, Veronica Lee

  1. In honor of Sleep Awareness Week, Veronica Lee, founder of Remrise, answers the questions that we are all asking about our sleep, sleep routine and habits that impact our rest. 


    Q: What are the three main myths in the public domain in regards to achieving a full night’s sleep?


    1. You’re doomed for bad sleep. There’s a general belief that being a good or bad sleeper is genetic, and while genetics matter, like everything else in life you can improve and optimize your sleep over time, with good habits and natural aids.
    2. THC is a good natural sleep aid - THC has similar effects as alcohol in that it prevents you from getting REM cycles and deep sleep cycles.
    3. There's a magic pill for sleep.  There’s no magic pill for anything in life.  


    Q: Please share five tips for people trying to achieve a good night’s sleep. 


    1. Take Remrise 60-90 min before! 
    2. Set up a nightly wind down routine - your home and especially your bedroom should be a temple of relaxation and rest.
    3. Have the last cup of caffeine before noon.
    4. Don’t overthink sleep either (counter-intuitive to what a sleep brand may say - but telling yourself you desperately need good sleep also creates anxiety around sleep which is counter productive).
    5. One night of bad sleep is not going to kill you, a few bad nights are not going to kill you.


    What are the main ways sleep can change throughout the year or as seasons progress?

    VL: As seasons change, light levels change affecting melatonin levels - melatonin levels increase earlier in the evening and decrease earlier in the morning during spring and summer and the opposite happens in the winter. Most people also sleep better in cooler weather as you produce more melatonin under a certain temperature. If it’s too cold melatonin production also suffers, just under 70 degrees Fahrenheit is typically ideal. Lastly, Allergies in the spring and flus during the winter also disrupt sleep. 


    What are three ways to ensure good quality sleep while traveling?


    1. Get on a new time zone on the flight or before flight. I always find it easier to stay up longer than sleep earlier to ensure the first night of sleep at the new location is good.
    2. Pack an eye mask.
    3. Pack Remrise and if you feel like the first night will be challenging double up the dose.


    Q: Describe your personal sleep and morning routine.

    VL: Sleep routine: An hour before going to sleep I take Remrise, then wash up and do my skincare routine, then if my fiance is with me we relax and play sleep-inducing music.  If my fiance is not with me I sometimes have a bad habit of watching Netflix stand-up comedy on my computer, but after my Remrise starts kicking in I turn the computer away from me and just listen so I’m not getting direct blue light. I don’t advocate watching Netflix in bed!  But want to highlight that no one has perfect sleep hygiene all the time - you can still increase your quality sleep with certain supplements and improve your sleep hygiene over time. 

    Morning routine: Check how I slept on Fitbit, check my emails on my phone, grab some cold brew from the fridge, take my morning & beauty supplements, shower.


    Q: What are the biggest challenges to achieve a good night’s sleep?


    • Netflix, Instagram, and general tech addiction
    • Caffeine
    • Stress & overactive brain
    • Traditional sleep aids as you’re not getting quality sleep
    • Anxiety around getting good sleep 


    Q: Have you noticed any difference in the sleeping behavior of people living in different places or other demographic differences (ie: gender, age, etc)? And tips do you have for overcoming these?

    VL: Light pollution & noise play a big part on ability to get quality sleep.  Similarly when a city is always on and there’s a culture of constant activity it is hard to wind down.  However, you can practice good sleep hygiene anywhere with sleep masks, Remrise, and wind-down routines.


    Q: What are the worst habits to overcome in order to enjoy a full night’s sleep?  


    • Electronics in bed
    • Consuming caffeine after noon
    • Addiction to traditional sleep aids
    • Stress throughout the day


    Q: What is a habit or routine you swear by?

    VL: The Remrise routine!


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