Rise and shine, it’s good sleep time!

Quality sleep starts well before you hit the sheets. To become a bedtime person you have to consider your morning routine, from the moment you wake up. It starts there, but the truth is transforming your sleep quality requires a round-the-clock commitment to healthier habits. 

Every part of your day impacts how well-rested you are — or aren’t. 

That may sound daunting, but it’s really not, with some healthier sleep habits in place.

Ready to rock your 2020 (and beyond) with better, more rejuvenating sleep, night after night? We’ve got you. 

Every day this month, we’ll cozy up with each part of your day — morning, daytime, evening, and bedtime — to help you create the healthier sleep habits you need to make it happen. 


First up, morning time. Those first few moments when your eyes blink open, probably to the insistent sounds of your smartphone alarm. 

Do you hit snooze? Or do you bound right out of bed? 

How soon do you allow the morning sun into your room?

Your initial reaction to your alarm, and how soon you’re exposed to direct sunlight, greatly impact the quality of your day and your sleep quality that night. 

What’s more, reflecting on how you slept can also help you make the shift to better sleep. 

Here are three sleep facts for morning time, coupled with new sleep habits to start the day right:

Sleep fact: Direct sunlight when you wake helps you sleep at night.
Why? A couple reasons. First, it helps manage your circadian rhythms, your body’s natural clock that controls when you feel sleepy and when you feel awake. What’s more, morning sun increases your brain’s release of the mood-boosting hormone serotonin, helping you start the day in a cool, calm, and collected way. (Source: Healthline

Sleep fix: Start the day sunny side up.

Open those blinds first thing and let the light in. Live in an area without a lot of winter sun? Invest in a UV light. At night, you’ll turn this routine around, darkening the room to increase melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. (Source: Healthline)

Sleep fact: You snooze, you lose. Hitting snooze is bad for sleep health.

It’s so tempting to hit snooze when you don’t feel rested and ready to face the day. But doing so won’t just harm your next sleep, it likely won’t make you feel more rested. Since the waking hours of our sleep cycle are considered REM or “dream” sleep, the most replenishing kind, disrupting it at 10-minute intervals won’t serve your state of rest. (Source: Cleveland Clinic)

Sleep fix: Make sleep (and your health) a priority. 

If you’re constantly hitting snooze, ask yourself if you’re giving sleep the importance it deserves. Life happens, and we get it, but establishing better sleep hygiene will help you get more rejuvenating rest — and break the snooze habit. (Source: Cleveland Clinic)


Sleep fact: Tracking your sleep actually improves your sleep.

Sleep is complex. Improving it requires you to be proactive. An essential part of understanding your sleep is documenting it: What time did you go to bed? Did you awake rested? Did you sleep through the night? Any dreams or nightmares? What did you eat (or drink) before bed? Recording these details will help you (and your doctor, potentially) pinpoint where your sleep routine needs the most help. (Source: Alaska Sleep Diary)

Sleep fix: Keep a sleep diary (Hint: We’ve got a great one!). 

Once you become a Remrise customer, you’ll have access to the Customer Portal, which has a handy Diary function that makes it easy to document your sleep — and see how it’s improving over time. (Did you know: Tracking sleep with a wearable can do more harm than good.)  

If you are Always On, In Your Head or Worked Up we recommend you take note of how long it typically takes for you to fall asleep each night. See if those number of minutes gets smaller over time as you engage in a more regular sleep routine.

If you are Worn Out or Rise and Shine we recommend you take note of how many times you woke during the night and see if that number decreases are you start on a more regular sleep routine.The 

Head over to our Instagram for all the Facts and Fixes to give your 2020 sleep the ultimate makeover.  And don't forget to share your favorites, using #RemriseSleepover and tag @Remrise for a chance to be featured on our channel.

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