Remrise x Devin Burke: Sleeping Through Turmoil Webinar Series

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68% of Americans struggle with sleep at least once a week. (Source) In these turbulent times we expect those numbers to increase as stress and anxiety consume our days in self-isolation and creep into our bed at night as we attempt to wind down. 

Know you aren’t alone and while you might physically be alone, we are collectively working together, even from afar, to heal during this time. Managing stress and anxiety, addressing sleep issues and reimagining your routines are important forms of healing. In fact, sleep is more important than ever right now to keep your immune system strong.

Because of this, we are announcing the launch of our free sleep series, Sleeping Through Turmoil, with expert sleep coach, Devin Burke. 

What does this free series offer? 

  • 3 weeks of free, interactive webinars to help equip you with tools to address stress and anxiety management to promote wellness and improve sleep
  • Unlimited access to content, resources, strategies and tools from expert sleep coach Devin Burke
  • Human interaction with others in the Remrise and Devin Burke communities who are facing similar challenges with sleep and stress during these trying times



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