What to expect from Remrise -- and how to use it

We've got a short list of tips for getting your best rest from Remrise. 

8 things to expect from Remrise: 

What to expect -- tips for sleep success: 

  1. Sensitive tummies may need extra TLC? Take Remrise with a healthy evening snack like some whole-wheat crackers with nut butter or a handful of nuts with your favorite form of warm milk to settle your stomach before bed.
  2. Give it time. We’re not a magic pill — transforming your sleep takes time. Remrise actually works better over time, so give it at least 4 weeks!
  3. We’re not going to knock you out. Remrise is made only with natural ingredients, not drugs. You’ll get healthy, rejuvenating, high-quality sleep, not side effects. 
  4. Take it every night. Skipped a night? That's OK. If you miss a night, just pick up where you left off. It's all about transforming your sleep over time. 
  5. Start your nightly wind down an hour before bed.  Your sleep needs a routine -- really. Create one that works for you (here's how).
  6. Get ready to dream more? More vivid, weird dreams after you start Remrise? Totally normal and a good sign that it’s working!
  7. Track your Zzz's quality - not quantity. Track your sleep quality on a scale of 1-10 every day, based on how you feel in the morning. How you feel in the AM is the best measure of quality sleep - not hours in bed. Expect gradual improvement over the first couple of months.
  8. Still have questions or concerns? It's free to consult with one of our sleep experts! Email us at hello@remrise.com