Concentrated Sleep Powder - Intensive

Intensive is the ultimate recharge!  Intensive helps your body and mind relax so you can fall asleep easier.  Once you're in deep slumber the amino acids and herbs help keep you asleep longer and also restore your body and mind so you wake up rested and refreshed.

  • Intensive Sleep Powder - Kava
    • Our most potent product for those who have difficulty falling and staying asleep
    • Promotes relaxation and the onset of sleep
    • Mix powder with your favorite hot milk for a delicious sleepytime treat
    Intensive Sleep Powder - Kava
  • Intensive Sleep Powder - Reishi
    • A potent powder for those who struggle to stay asleep, with short-term sedative effects and long-term health benefits
    • Reishi boosts mood and immune system
    • Mix with preferred warm milk for a delicious sleepytime treat
    Intensive Sleep Powder - Reishi
  • Intensive Sleep - Combo Pack (10 nights supply)
    Try 10 nights of each of our potent Kava and relaxing Reishi formulas to see which is right for you.
    Intensive Sleep - Combo Pack (10 nights supply)

Sleep Vitamins - Elevate

Elevate is your daily sleep vitamin. It produces mildly relaxing effects but more importantly its combination of amino acids and herbs help promote restoration while you sleep and when used over time, improves your overall sleephealth.

  • Elevate - Reishi
    • Fan favorite. Maximizes restorative sleep while boosting mood and immune system.
    • Formulated for sleepers who want to get more out of slumber
    Elevate - Reishi
  • Elevate - Kava
    • Promotes relaxation so that you drift off easily and enjoy more restorative sleep
    • Perfect for those who need a nighttime nudge into restful slumber
    Elevate - Kava

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