Our Story

Veronica Lee, Founding CEO

I struggled with sleep for years. Over-the-counter sleep aids and melatonin supplements left me feeling terrible the next day.

So, after trying dozens of products and having suboptimal results, I decided to take my Sleephealth into my own hands. I started experimenting with my own plant-based formulas, combining eastern herbs that have been used for thousands of years with amino acids and Western ingredients at the forefront of current research. These formulas helped me fall asleep quicker and get the restorative sleep my body had been craving. I was more energized in the mornings and felt a reset to my Circadian rhythm, which led to authentic energy that lasted throughout the day.

Remrise has come a long way since those early experiments in my kitchen. We've brought on medical experts and advisors to run several trials with thousands of participants. As a result, we dialed in on our formulas and built out a process for continuous innovation and constant improvement. We hope Remrise will help you sleep healthy and live a life full of authentic energy.

Welcome to your new nightly routine.

Our Mission

We exist to promote holistic Sleephealth and authentic energy through healthier slumber.

Our world is not currently built to prioritize healthy, natural sleep. As a result, more and more people are struggling and turning to sleep aids for help. Unfortunately, most of these sleep aids, while powerful sedatives, do not actually improve the quality of sleep. Worse, many have negative side effects and lend themselves to abuse.

We would love to see more people throw out their prescription sleep aids and antihistamines and break the cycle of artificial sedation and stimulation. Let's get back to the rhythm of restorative sleep and authentic energy through enhanced Sleephealth.

There's a reason humans evolved to spend nearly a third of their life asleep. It's the key to authentic energy, and authentic energy is the key to healthier living. When you build a healthier relationship with sleep, you're able to have healthier relationships in all facets of your life.

Together, with Mother Nature and science, we can break down the barriers to healthy, natural sleep.

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How it works

The Good-for-you Sleep Aid

There can be serious consequences to abusing OTC antihistamines and prescription sleep aids. These substances were never meant to be taken regularly, yet are habit-forming and addictive. Not only do they often leave you feeling groggy in the morning, but they may also lead to serious side effects and adverse health outcomes.

Remrise is the good-for-you sleep aid. Our products use traditional Eastern herbs and gentle Western ingredients that are proven to naturally aid sleep and enhance your Sleephealth. Over time, Remrise can help you improve mental acuity, boost the immune system, reduce systems of anxiety, and promote gut health.

Works with your body's natural rhythm

Every body is different, and your optimal sleep routine is unique. Unlike artificial sleep aids that overpower your system with sedatives, the natural ingredients in Remrise work to restore your individual Circadian rhythm. Remrise takes a gradual approach that doesn't shock the body. Instead, Remrise concentrated sleep powders and sleep vitamins ease you back into your body's preferred sleep stasis. As you continue on your Sleephealth journey, you'll see month-over-month improvement in your sleep.

Optimizes your Sleephealth

Sleephealth speaks to the understanding that holistic health hinges on healthy sleep. Sleep is more foundational to overall wellness than both diet and exercise, yet it is commonly ignored when discussing health. And, unfortunately, a lack of sleep often perpetuates itself: people feel stressed when they can't sleep, and then can't sleep because they feel stressed.

Without regenerative, consistent sleep, the body loses its ability to function as it should. When we sleep, it provides our bodies a chance to decompress, flush out toxins, and repair synapses in the brain. Optimal Sleephealth results in heightened mental acuity, a stronger immune system, the elimination of free-radicals, and a reduction in the symptoms of anxiety. Remrise can help you achieve the restorative sleep you've been dreaming of.

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The Experts Who Make it all Happen

Our trusted team of industry experts

Dr. Robert Stickgold

Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Hanh Le

Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Healthline

Jamie Zeitzer

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University

Andrew Ellis

Founding CEO of Springwind Herbs

Lance Kriegsfeld

Professor of Psychology and Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley