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What is remrise?
Remrise is an all natural, plant-based sleep aid. Remrise contains Eastern and Western herbs that alleviate sleeplessness, improve sleep quality, and provide benefits around skin health, heart health, immune function, and cognitive function.
What’s the difference between remrise Sleep Powder and Sleep Vitamins?

Sleep quality declines as people age so we’ve created remrise Sleep Vitamins to counteract that and infuse your body with key vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids to restore high quality sleep. Remrise Sleep Vitamins are designed for the Sleep Optimizer, who is looking to supercharge their sleep quality and overall health.

Remrise Sleep Powder is designed for the truly Troubled Sleeper, using the base formula of our Sleep Vitamins, but with a more concentrated dose in order to alleviate significant sleep symptoms. Presented in powder form, it allows for higher doses of our natural herbs to help mitigate issues with falling and staying asleep. This formulation includes additional ingredients, such as glycine and tart cherry, in higher daily recommended dosages that aren’t possible to capture in capsule form.

How does it work?

The ingredients in all remrise products work synergistically to facilitate natural sleep processes in your body. The first step to rebuilding healthy sleep cycles will be your body adjusting to the herbs and amino acids. During this acclimation period, the herbs in your formula attune to your body in order to establish a foundation. Once established and acclimated, the herbs promote the particular formula’s intended effects.

Taking remrise nightly compounds benefits and over time, continues to provide long term health benefits like improved cognitive function, boosted immunity, and elevated mood.

Why is there only a subscription option?

We believe that truly changing your sleep through a natural solution takes commitment and consistency. We're not like other sleep aids that sedate or knock you out, losing efficacy over time. Our formulas provide cumulative effects through use of natural herbs and these positive benefits compound with increased use. To encourage nightly use and to ensure you get the most out of Remrise, our formulas sign you up for a subscription.

Although we strongly recommend committing to your remrise in order to see progress since our herbs have a cumulative effect, you may reschedule a renewal or cancel your subscription at any time online, or by reaching us at

What does remrise Sleep Powder taste like?

Earthy, a bit chocolatey, and a little sweet and salty. Cacao and cinnamon add subtle notes, while Remrise superfood herbs work to enhance cognitive function, support the immune system, and improve sleephealth.

Our Sleep Powder is flavor flexible. Add your favorite plant-based milk, or check out our recipes for further flavor enhancement.

Where do you ship?

Accessibility for all is important to us. As we're still a young company, we currently do not ship outside the contiguous United States. We’re hoping that changes in the near future. If you’d like to find out as soon as we’re able to ship to your home, consider signing up for our newsletter at

Can I take remrise with my other medications?

There are no known contraindications between Remrise and other medications, and research has discovered only a few legitimate herb-drug interactions.

While we would not expect any negative effects from taking Remrise along with any medications, we recommend consulting with your prescribing physician so that they may advise with the complete knowledge of your personal health history.

Can I take remrise if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your doctor before taking Remrise. For a full list of ingredients, reach out to us at, or find it on the particular product’s page.
Can my child take remrise?
Remrise is formulated and recommended for adults aged 18+. As with any new routine or regimen, we recommend consulting with your prescribing physician so that they may advise with the complete knowledge of your personal health history.
How do I take remrise?

Sleep Vitamins
- Take 4 capsules nightly 30 minutes to 1 hour before bed. You may open the capsules and mix the contents in a glass of non-caffeinated liquid. You may take your Remrise with milk or a bit of food to absorb your Remrise easier.

Sleep Powder
- Add 2 to 3 scoops (tablespoons) of powder into a mug or glass *. Add 3 to 4 fl. Oz of hot, non-caffeinated liquid and stir, adding more liquid as necessary for desired consistency. Take 30 to 60 minutes before bed. *Use a 4th scoop as needed for extra help sleeping.

What happens if I skip a day?
The herbs in our formulas have a cumulative nature, but missing a few doses is okay. Skip your missed dose and go back to your sleep routine the following night. Pro-tip: keep your Remrise next to your toothbrush or bed so you have an easier time remembering to take it!
Where do Remrise herbs come from?

We source our ingredients from all around the world. While our reishi is sourced from Asia, for example, the cacao found in our sleep powder is sourced from Peru.

We take great care in making sure we use only quality ingredients in all our formulas, working diligently with FDA regulated facilities that require us to frequently submit testing, documentation, and samples when we import herbs or extracts.

Are Remrise products FDA approved?
The dietary supplement industry is regulated by the FDA, but dietary supplements are not approved by the FDA before they go to market. Because of this, dietary supplements are not approved by the FDA. However, we only work with manufacturing facilities that ARE registered with and regulated by the FDA. We must frequently submit testing, documentation, and samples to them when we are importing herbs and extracts.
Should I expect any side-effects?

Like with any new diet, product, or change, your body may experience a temporary acclimation period. You may experience digestive discomfort when first introducing Remrise to your body. This is very normal and should subside within a few days once your body has acclimated.

Many subscribers report taking their nightly dose of remrise with a light snack or milk alleviates this issue.

Can I take remrise with other sleep aids?

We believe optimal sleep quality will be achieved by taking remrise alone, although Remrise can be supplemented with other sleep aids, if desired.

Before starting any new regimen or routine, we recommend consulting with your prescribing physician so that they may advise with the complete knowledge of your personal health history.

Are remrise products compatible with my diet or dietary restrictions?
All remrise formulas are gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan friendly. We use nature's ingredients to help you sleep.
Is remrise addictive?
A key benefit of remrise compared to other addictive sleep aids is that remrise is 100% non-addictive and non-habit forming. The Eastern and Western herbs used in Remrise formulas to facilitate sleep processes in your body will not trigger a biochemical response that causes addiction.
Does this work for someone who works night shifts?
Remrise is meant to be taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before bed. You can take your formula whenever you are ready to turn down for slumber, regardless of the time of day that you are taking it.
Can I take remrise with alcohol?
Historically, the effect of taking sleep aids when drinking alcohol has unpredictable effects. If you happen to be drinking, you can always skip your Remrise for that night and resume the next night. Please keep in mind that alcohol upsets your sleep patterns and your circadian rhythms, your body’s natural clock, which is why it’s recommended to limit alcohol from a nightly routine.
I’m having vivid dreams, what’s that about?

It is definitely normal to be experiencing vivid dreams with Remrise. This is a great sign as it means you are experiencing REM sleep, one of the most important sleep stages, which makes up about 20-25% of total sleep time.

Keep in mind that if you're usually not getting enough sleep, especially REM sleep, it can lead to a phenomenon called REM rebound. This is where the brain tries to "make up" for lost dream sleep, leading to more intense dreams when you're asleep. Once you start to experience more consistent sleep, your vivid dreams should lessen.

Why does remrise Sleep Powder have cacao? Doesn’t cacao have caffeine?

We add cacao to our Sleep Powder in order to mask some of the flavors brought on by the natural herbs in your formula. While cacao does have naturally occurring caffeine, the amount in our formula is not significant enough to cause stimulation.

In fact, cacao is high in antioxidants as well as nutrients like magnesium (which can help reduce stress), potassium, and iron that are useful in promoting healthy sleep.

What is your return policy?

You are able to return your first, unopened order within 30-days of delivery. Please note that we do not refund subsequent orders, or your shipping charge.

To request a return, contact our customer experience team at If your return is accepted, we’ll send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted. You can always contact us for any return question at

How do I create an account?/How do I access my account?
Our account creation can be a little tricky. Though you completed a purchase with us, you may have not created an account yet. To manage your subscription, click here to get started and make sure to use the same email address you used with your first purchase.
How should I store my remrise?
No refrigeration is required for your Remrise. Store your Remrise in a cool, dry place.
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