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Melatonin doesn't cut it. Meet Remrise.

The non-groggy
sleep supplement

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100K+ Nights of Improved Sleep Delivered

"Their pilot study showed quality of sleep increased to 8.5 / 10"

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"Remrise is tailored to address consumers unique sleep problems"

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"Remrise delivers herbal sleep solutions, tailored to the user"

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"Within 15 minutes of taking the pills I was asleep, and slept until 7:15!"

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Melatonin just doesn't cut it.

Groggy mornings

How to make your mornings a breeze, not a challenge.
  • By overriding your body's melatonin production, it’s been proven that taking supplementary melatonin can cause morning grogginess. As melatonin is a hormone, we’re catering to people who don’t want to put additional hormones in their bodies.

Doesn't help you stay asleep

Melatonin is not a sleeping pill, so taking it just before bedtime will make things worse, not better.
  • Did you know melatonin does not help you stay asleep? This supplement only helps you fall asleep and many people wake up prematurely after only 3-5 hours, so you end up getting less sleep overall.

It’s not a long-term solution

People tend to think that if a little helps, more is better… definitely not so in the case of melatonin dosage.
  • When relying on melatonin for deep-rooted sleep issues you risk “masking” the real underlying issue that can cause other problems. Plus, you build a tolerance to it and it becomes less effective over time.
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All-natural, safe & effective
herbal ingredients to
promote restorative sleep
Non-groggy, authentic energy
to power your days
Drug-free &
non-habit forming
Proven ingredients
backed by science
#1 melatonin alternative

Stop settling for melatonin,
you deserve better.

Melatonin is the most widely used sleep product, being used by over 3 million US adults as of 2017. I myself used melatonin for years, believing it was my best option. Yet, after using it, I was sorely disappointed. I was waking up as tired as ever, oftentimes actually feeling more groggy than I otherwise would. I started doing some research to see if my experiences were unique.

It turns out, they weren’t. Melatonin has various well documented, but not publicized, side effects and shortcomings. I learned that melatonin does not actually improve sleep quality, often causes premature wake-ups in the middle of the night, often causes morning grogginess, and leads to tolerance building. On top of all this, it's been found that many melatonin supplements do not actually contain the levels of active ingredients listed on their labels - which has prompted the UK and various other countries to ban melatonin for over-the-counter use.

I decided enough is enough, this needed to change. Too many people are settling for an inadequate sleep product that is impacting their lives and preventing them from being their best selves. So, I set out to make something better.

-Veronica Lee, Remrise Founder and CEO

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Remrise, the future of Sleephealth

Eastern medicine superherbs meet modern science
We've researched and identified ingredients ranging from traditional chinese medicine to essential amino acids to create our formulations
  • Herbs relieve stress, boost the immune system, improve mood, prevent inflammation
  • Critical amino acids and minerals that are deficient in the modern diet boost physical recovery, produce melatonin and serotonin, improves healthy skin and bones.
Meet our Ingredients
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Rigorously tested formulas
Our team of Harvard and Stanford sleep researchers concluded multiple placebo-controlled studies with thousands of participants to develop products that work.
  • Improved restorative sleep by 180%
  • 46% reduction in sleep onset latency
  • 40% reduction in minutes awake throughout night
Our Study
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Remrise users get 200% more restorative sleep
  • "I have been taking the powder for a week and it has performed exactly as you said. I've gone to sleep faster and particularly I have slept more soundly than I have for a long time. I'm not groggy at all in the morning." -Gary C.
  • "I've been taking Remrise Powder for just about a week now and I've noticed a huge improvement in how deep I'm sleeping" -Nikita P
  • "My traditional issue of waking up several times each night has been non existent. Once i am asleep I sleep throughout the night and wake up just before my alarm." -Tom M.
  • "Remrise helps me fall asleep, but not knock me out. I know that when I've taken Melatonin, I can only take so much before sleep turns into feeling like I have blacked out. I've never had that concern or that feeling that way with this stuff. I drink my remrise, watch the news, get ready for bed, and go to sleep." -Ernie S.
Our Reviews
  • +110 min of REM sleep
    REM Sleep (minutes)
    With Remrise
    Without Remrise
  • +80 min of deep sleep
    Deep Sleep (minutes)
    With Remrise
    Without Remrise
  • +1.7 hours slept
    Avg Hours Slept
    With Remrise
    Without Remrise
  • 86% prefer Remrise over Melatonin
    % of people
    Prefer Remrise
    Prefer Melatonin

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Synthetic Drugs
All natural, plant based
Helps you fall asleep
Helps you stay asleep
Increased deep sleep & REM sleep
Non-groggy mornings
Non-habit forming
Not linked with dementia
Drug & hormone free
Positive side effects
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