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Synthetic Drugs
All natural, plant based
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Helps you stay asleep
Increased deep sleep & REM sleep
Non-groggy mornings
Non-habit forming
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Positive side effects
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Remrise, the future of Sleephealth

Eastern medicine superherbs meet modern science
We've researched and identified ingredients ranging from traditional chinese medicine to essential amino acids to create our formulations
  • Herbs relieve stress, boost the immune system, improve mood, prevent inflammation
  • Critical amino acids and minerals that are deficient in the modern diet boost physical recovery, produce melatonin and serotonin, improves healthy skin and bones.
Meet our Ingredients
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Rigorously tested formulas
Our team of Harvard and Stanford sleep researchers concluded multiple placebo-controlled studies with thousands of participants to develop products that work.
  • Improved restorative sleep by 180%
  • 46% reduction in sleep onset latency
  • 40% reduction in minutes awake throughout night
Our Study
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Remrise users get 200% more restorative sleep
  • "I have been taking the powder for a week and it has performed exactly as you said. I've gone to sleep faster and particularly I have slept more soundly than I have for a long time. I'm not groggy at all in the morning." -Gary C.
  • "I've been taking Remrise Powder for just about a week now and I've noticed a huge improvement in how deep I'm sleeping" -Nikita P
  • "My traditional issue of waking up several times each night has been non existent. Once i am asleep I sleep throughout the night and wake up just before my alarm." -Tom M.
  • "Remrise helps me fall asleep, but not knock me out. I know that when I've taken Melatonin, I can only take so much before sleep turns into feeling like I have blacked out. I've never had that concern or that feeling that way with this stuff. I drink my remrise, watch the news, get ready for bed, and go to sleep." -Ernie S.
Our Reviews
  • +110 min of REM sleep
    REM Sleep (minutes)
    With Remrise
    Without Remrise
  • +80 min of deep sleep
    Deep Sleep (minutes)
    With Remrise
    Without Remrise
  • +1.7 hours slept
    Avg Hours Slept
    With Remrise
    Without Remrise
  • 86% prefer Remrise over Melatonin
    % of people
    Prefer Remrise
    Prefer Melatonin

Not All Sleep is created equal

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Restorative sleep has two important requirements

  • REM sleep to restore brain and mental health - learning, memory, emotional health
  • Deep sleep to restore physical health - repair tissue, build bone and muscle, strengthen immune system
  • Deep sleep to restore physical health - repair tissue, build bone and muscle, strengthen immune system

Life’s stressors rob you of restorative sleep:

  • Stress, poor diet, age, insufficient exercise and other factors of real-life contribute to poor quality sleep
  • Synthetic sleep drugs, and other remedies some think help like a night cap all actually prevent REM and deep sleep

Remrise enhances restorative sleep

  • Remrise is filled with superherbs that optimize sleep efficiency so you get high quality restorative sleep
  • Remrise helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer
  • Remrise enhances overall health with superherbs that have been used for centuries to fight aging
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The benefits of Remrise are clear

More restorative sleep (more REM and deep)
- Magnesium regulates sleep quality to promote deep sleep. Half of the US population is magnesium deficient which leads to troubled sleep.

- Glycine enhances sleep efficiency by reducing body temperature, leading to more time spent in REM and deep sleep.

- Suan Zao Ren is a Traditional Chinese Medicine herb that has been used for thousands of years to promote high quality sleep.

- Tart cherry is a natural ingredient that has high levels of both melatonin and tryptophan which helps improve sleep quality

- Magnolia Bark promotes REM and deep sleep due to its polyphenols

- Tryptophan naturally produces serotonin and melatonin in your body, which promotes quality sleep

- Passionflower helps increase GABA levels in the brain to improve sleep quality
Sleep longer
- Glycine helps regulate your body temperature to prevent night awakenings

- Tart cherry contains both tryptophan and melatonin which both help lengthen sleep duration

- Schisandra Berry is known to promote and maintain relaxation during sleep

- Tryptophan naturally produces serotonin and melatonin in your body, which promotes quality sleep

- Passionflower helps increase GABA levels in the brain to improve sleep quality

- Reishi is an adaptogenic mushroom that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years for its ability to help promote deep sleep.
Fall Asleep Faster
- Magnesium is known to regulate neurotransmitters and binds to GABA to help you fall asleep faster. 50% of US adults are magnesium deficient.

- Glycine helps calm the brain to decrease sleep latency.

- Tart cherry is a melatonin and tryptophan rich ingredient that helps you fall asleep

- Schisandra Berry is a Traditional Chinese Medicine herb that reduces the time it takes to fall asleep

- MagnoliaBark contains polyphenols that reduce sleep onset latency

- Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that naturally produces both melatonin and serotonin and helps reduce sleep onset latency

- Passionflower promotes GABA production in the brain to help you fall asleep
Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory
- Magnesium, Schisandra Berry, Magnolia Bark, Ashwagandha, and Glycine are all known to reduce inflammation, which is a driver to aging, obesity and chronic disease.
Improves Skin
- Glycine is required to produce collagen, a key to promoting healthy skin.

- Tart cherry and Schisandra berry both have large amounts of antioxidants that help maintain healthy skin.
Relieves stress and anxiety
- Reishi Mushroom and Schisandra Berry are adaptogens known to help regulate stress and anxiety and promote calmness

- Magnolia Bark and Ashwagandha help regulate cortisol levels to keep stress in check
Improves cognitive ability and memory
- Tart cherry contains high levels of antioxidants that help promote brain health

- Schisandra Berry is known to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s by reducing amyloid beta peptide build-up in the brain

- Magnolia Bark is understood to have protective effects against various neurological degenerative conditions

- Ashwagandha enhances memory and promotes brain function
Restores muscles and improves physical performance
- Magnesium helps move blood sugar to muscles and disposes of lactate buildup in order to prevent fatigue and promote physical performance

- Glycine is required for the production of creatine, a source of muscle energy and strength

- Tart cherry has been shown to speed up muscle recovery and reduce soreness during recovery

- Suan Zao Ren and Ashwagandha help improve muscle strength
Improves mood
- Magnesium, Schisandra Berry, Magnolia Bark, Ashwagandha, Tryptophan, and Reishi are ingredients all known to help improve mood.
Anticancer properties
- Magnolia Bark, Ashwagandha, and Reishi are ingredients that have anticancer properties.
Boosts immune system
- Tart cherry and Reishi are both known to boost your immune system
Promote liver health
- Glycine protects your liver from alcohol-induced damage by preventing inflammation.

- Schisandra Berry promotes liver health.

Go on, ask away!

Top questions answered by our team of sleep experts and customer success gurus!

What is Remrise?
Remrise is the good-for-you all-natural, herbal sleep supplement used to enhance real sleep without negative side effects.

Our supplements have a proprietary mixture of Eastern and Western herbs that not only provide sleep-promoting benefits that alleviate issues with falling asleep but also provide the foundation of a holistic approach to good health.

Our drug-free, plant-based products are personalized to address the two most common sleep personas - The Sleep Optimizer and The Troubled Sleeper - to provide an all-natural remedy compared to other over-the-counter products. It is designed to work WITH your body to improve sleep and your overall health right away and over time.

Remrise is not habit-forming and you won’t experience any negative side effects or health risks linked to other common sleep products. We go beyond a one-night fix because we combine ingredients from nature to restore your body’s natural sleep rhythms to immediately benefit your sleep and overall well-being.

Our concentrated sleep formulas come in a powdered form to provide a more potent dose for those who really struggle with falling and staying asleep. The powder form factor enables higher doses (what experts in the field call “therapeutic dosages”) of the herbs since these herbs take up a lot of volume and are hard to pack into pill form!

The Concentrated Sleep Powder can be taken by adding two scoops into a mug, followed by 3-4 fluid ounces of your favorite heated plant-based milk or hot water.

If Sleep Vitamins are more of your preference, we recommend taking them at the same time each night. Ideally one hour before bedtime.

By committing to better quality sleep with the Remrise routine, we encourage you to establish new lifestyle habits that will positively impact your sleep. Tracking your sleep over a duration of time will help you see the benefits and is the recipe for sleep success.
How is Remrise different from other sleep products?
Remrise vs Melatonin
Melatonin is the most widely used natural sleep product. Taking melatonin will tell your body it’s time to sleep, but unfortunately, it won’t help you stay asleep.

While melatonin is a better alternative compared to prescription aids and OTC antihistamines, this supplement is still habit-forming and causes grogginess the next morning. In addition, your body builds a tolerance to melatonin quickly so the effectiveness goes down with increased use.

Remrise on the other hand is purely plant-based, is not habit-forming, does not cause groggy mornings or lead to negative side effects (only positive side effects!), and recovers your body’s natural sleep rhythms to immediately benefit your sleep and ultimately, your overall health and well-being.

The Remrise Formula
At Remrise we provide a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach to our sleep supplements, which are designed to help improve sleep quality and are safe for long-term use. Herbal remedies can be a safe and effective alternative to alleviate symptoms with little to no adverse side effects.

Every Remrise ingredient is specifically chosen to provide sleep-promoting, health-enhancing benefits. We take great care in making sure we only use quality ingredients in all of our formulas while working diligently with the FDA-regulated facilities that require us to submit testing, documentation, and samples when we import herbs.

To better personalize care, our sleep products fall into two categories to address two of the most common sleep personas - The Sleep Optimizer and The Troubled Sleeper. Sleep Vitamins and Sleep Powder are used to not only address but also promote quality sleep, boosting immunity, and improving gut health.

For those who are looking to optimize their sleep and supercharge their Sleephealth by prolonging REM, we recommend Remrise Sleep Vitamins.

If your sleep patterns fall into a category that needs assistance falling and staying asleep, our Concentrated Sleep Powder will allow for a more potent dose of Remrise.

Compared to over-the-counter temporary sleep product solutions, Remrise provides a natural approach that works with your body to provide quality sleep.
How does Remrise work?
The ingredients in our sleep powders and vitamins work synergistically with your body to facilitate natural sleep processes over time. We won’t correct you if you want to call it magic.

As part of our holistic approach to sleep, we highly recommend creating a nighttime routine that includes Remrise.

An example of a sleep routine can begin with a nightly wind-down about an hour before you want to fall asleep. During this time, take either a Sleep Vitamin or mix our Concentrated Sleep Powder with your favorite plant-based milk. If you have a sensitive stomach, we recommend a healthy evening snack like whole-wheat crackers with nut butter.

While drinking Remrise, to ease the mind and create a calming environment, try reading a few chapters of your favorite book or meditating. Studies show that meditation has significant effects on improving the quality of sleep. So along with your Remrise, meditating regularly is a key way to up your sleep game.

If meditation is not your jam, we also have Spotify playlists to help you set the mood for sleep.

While we wish we could snap our fingers and our sleep problems will vanish, just like any exercise or routine, Remrise works better and better over time. Think of Remrise as a good-for-you plant-powered nighttime drink that promotes quality sleep. Doing something good each day will provide long-term benefits.

Drinking Remrise daily not only will benefit your sleep, but our superfoods will boost your energy for the next day. Let us know if your artificial sleep products can do that. Spoiler alert - they can’t.
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