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See how Remrise is improving sleep for thousands of customers

Fall asleep faster
“By my third night taking Remrise I started feeling much more relaxed as I started getting ready for bed. I finally am able to get into bed and go to sleep, I’m no longer laying awake restlessly!”

Mary L, 44
-46 min to fall asleep
Time to fall asleep (minutes)
With Remrise
Without Remrise
Total hours slept
"I have only been taking the powder for a week but it has performed for me exactly as you said it would. I have gone to sleep faster and particularly I have slept more soundly than I have for a long time. I am not groggy at all in the morning."

Gary C, 37
+2 hours of sleeping time
Hours Slept
With Remrise
Without Remrise
Increased deep sleep
“I track my sleep with the Oura ring and I now get 2-3 hours of deep sleep a night. My sleep's been great. I make it with 2 scoops of Remrise and warm milk, that's it. It's super delicious, you gotta try it! I've noticed an impact on my workouts. This past week I have been setting new personal records every time I Peloton!”

Evan W, 34
+3x deep sleep
Deep Sleep (minutes)
With Remrise
Without Remrise
Increased REM sleep
“I’ve been taking the Remrise powder for a little over a week now and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my quality of sleep. I have been getting more deep and REM sleep, and I am noticing the difference in the mornings! As a working mother of 3 kids, this has been a game changer for me.”

Nikita P, 41
+2x REM sleep
REM Sleep (minutes)
With Remrise
Without Remrise
Reduced sleep disturbances
"My traditional issue of waking up several times each night has been non existent. Once I am asleep I sleep throughout the night and wake up just before my alarm."

Thomas M, 32
-4x wake-ups during the night
Number of wake-ups
With Remrise
Without Remrise

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