Effective, Powerful, Natural Sleep Supplement Effective, Powerful, Natural Sleep Supplement

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Learn how we’re bringing the next generation of enhanced sleep quality out of the lab and into your nightly routine.

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Paying for an overnight sleep study doesn’t make sense. That’s why we took matters into our own hands, and invested in a 6 week longitudinal study with 1200+ participants.

Designed with researchers from Stanford and Harvard
6 weeks
1204 participants
35 unique ingredients tested

We were unsatisfied with existing sleep solutions, and you should be too. You deserve sleep products that will sustainably improve your sleep quality without negative long term side effects. We set out to find that, working with our team of Stanford and Harvard researchers to identify and rigorously study the best ingredients pulled across various fields including Naturopathic medicine, neuroscience, and traditional chinese medicine.

Study Design
Study Design
  • University Led

    Our team of researchers from Stanford and Harvard teamed up to design this study with clinical validity and academic rigor.

  • 1204 participants across 35 Ingredients tested

    We conducted a power analysis to determine the required sample size of 1204 participants across 35 ingredients, to guarantee statistical significance. These 1204 participants were randomly assigned to test groups, each receiving its own unique nightly combination of ingredients.

  • Placebo-controlled

    In addition to the test groups, we had a placebo control group and a melatonin control group. This gave us baseline data to compare our products against.

  • Double-blind

    Neither the participants nor the researchers knew which participants were in which group in order to prevent bias.

  • 6 weeks

    Our study lasted a total of 6 weeks, with a week of baseline data, and 5 weeks of test data. This allowed us to evaluate the way in which certain products' efficacy changed over time with nightly use. Over the 6 week period, participants submitted sleep logs every morning. Additionally, participants submitted weekly logs to summarize their overall sleep each week.

  • Results / Analysis process

    After gathering the data over the 6 week period, we then analyzed the results using regression analysis, ANOVA analysis, what else?!

What we found

See how Remrise is improving sleep for thousands of customers

Fall asleep faster
“By my third night taking Remrise I started feeling much more relaxed as I started getting ready for bed. I finally am able to get into bed and go to sleep, I’m no longer laying awake restlessly!”

Mary L, 44
Total hours slept
"I have only been taking the powder for a week but it has performed for me exactly as you said it would. I have gone to sleep faster and particularly I have slept more soundly than I have for a long time. I am not groggy at all in the morning."

Gary C, 37
Increased deep sleep
“I track my sleep with the Oura ring and I now get 2-3 hours of deep sleep a night. My sleep's been great. I make it with 2 scoops of Remrise and warm milk, that's it. It's super delicious, you gotta try it! I've noticed an impact on my workouts. This past week I have been setting new personal records every time I Peloton!”

Evan W, 34
Increased REM sleep
“I’ve been taking the Remrise powder for a little over a week now and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my quality of sleep. I have been getting more deep and REM sleep, and I am noticing the difference in the mornings! As a working mother of 3 kids, this has been a game changer for me.”

Nikita P, 41
Reduced sleep disturbances
"My traditional issue of waking up several times each night has been non existent. Once I am asleep I sleep throughout the night and wake up just before my alarm."

Thomas M, 32

Our experts who make it all happen

Our trusted team of industry experts

Dr. Robert Stickgold

Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Hanh Le

Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Healthline

Jamie Zeitzer

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University

Andrew Ellis

Founding CEO of Springwind Herbs

Lance Kriegsfeld

Professor of Psychology and Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley