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Sleep Powder

  • The future of deep, restorative sleep - potent extra-strength sleep powder to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and get real sleep
  • All natural, drug-free, melatonin hormone-free, non-habit-forming, non-groggy
  • Superfood ingredients power energetic mornings, enhanced cognitive function, peak physical performance, and healthy sleep - use nightly for cumulative benefits!
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Key Benefits

Promote sleep onset

Optimized sleep quality

Morning freshness, not grogginess

Enhanced cognitive functioning

Peak physical performance

How to use
  • Take 30 to 60 minutes before bed
  • Add 2-3 scoops of powder into a mug or glass (can use 4 scoops for extra help!)
  • Mix with 3-4 fl. Oz. of hot water or plant-based milk
  • Enjoy! The drink has a good-for-you, earthy taste :)
How it works
Remrise Sleep Powders work to facilitate the natural sleep process and overtime, help recalibrate your circadian rhythm and improve your sleephealth. You should start to notice the benefits after just a few nights of use, but over time you’ll really see the benefits compound. For some people it can take 4-5 days for their body to acclimate and really feel the benefits so give it some time.
  • Glycine 
    An amino acid that is needed by your body to make important compounds like collagen, creatine, and glutathione. This little guy works overtime to improve your sleep, heart health, protects against muscle loss, and protects your liver from alcohol-induced damage. 
  • Reishi 
    Our hero mushroom that can do it all. This adaptogenic mushroom has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese medicine to
    • Improve sleep quality
    • Boost immune system
    • Provides anticancer properties
    • Relieve stress
  • Ashwagandha 
    Get to know this powerful adaptogen. Benefits include reducing and regulating stress, enhancing focus, and reducing irritability.
  • Spine Date Seed (Suan Zao Ren)
    A traditional Chinese herb used to calm the mind and induce healthy sleep. Bonus points for this little herb - it also helps with digestive issues, improves muscular strength, and prevents stress ulcers.
  • Tart Cherry
    Naturally rich in melatonin and tryptophan to improve sleep quality and duration. The large amount of antioxidants in this fruit improves brain health, the vitamins and minerals improve the immune system, and reduces muscle soreness. 
  • Magnesium 
    A mineral that improves mental health, overall mood, and boosts physical performance. 
  • Schisandra Berry
    Traditionally used to support your body in stress and concentration, but also known to support healthy liver function and reduce inflammation on the skin.
  • Magnolia Bark 
    A powerhouse ingredient that relieves stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality, and protects against oxidation and inflammation. 
  • Tryptophan
    An essential amino acid that supports your body's natural production of melatonin and serotonin, which both play important roles in the control of the sleep-wake cycle
  • Vitamin B6 
    Your body needs vitamin B6 to make serotonin, a hormone that elevates your mood. In addition to better circulation, a stronger immune system and helping the body regulate levels of homocysteine in the blood. High levels of homocysteine has been associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Passionflower Extract 
    We added passionflower extract to help treat anxiety, reducing blood pressure, and certain forms of pain because it may increase levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a chemical the brain makes to help regulate mood.
  • Other ingredients
    • 100% Organic Cacao
    • 100% Monk Fruit extract, Non-GMO
    • Vanilla Powder, Non-GMO
    • Cinnamon
    • Salt
  • Taste Notes - A warm, good-for-you earthy drink 
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#1 melatonin alternative

Stop settling for melatonin,
you deserve better.

Melatonin is the most widely used sleep product, being used by over 3 million US adults as of 2017. I myself used melatonin for years, believing it was my best option. Yet, after using it, I was sorely disappointed. I was waking up as tired as ever, oftentimes actually feeling more groggy than I otherwise would. I started doing some research to see if my experiences were unique.

It turns out, they weren’t. Melatonin has various well documented, but not publicized, side effects and shortcomings. I learned that melatonin does not actually improve sleep quality, often causes premature wake-ups in the middle of the night, often causes morning grogginess, and leads to tolerance building. On top of all this, it's been found that many melatonin supplements do not actually contain the levels of active ingredients listed on their labels - which has prompted the UK and various other countries to ban melatonin for over-the-counter use.

I decided enough is enough, this needed to change. Too many people are settling for an inadequate sleep product that is impacting their lives and preventing them from being their best selves. So, I set out to make something better.

-Veronica Lee, Remrise Founder and CEO

Learn More

The benefits of Remrise are clear

Click on a benefit and learn more about it

Sleep Onset
Sleep Quality
Morning Energy
Sleep Benefits
Sleep Onset
Our ingredients work to help relax the mind and naturally help regulate your sleep wake cycle by mediating the availability of GABA receptors in the brain and regulating serotonin levels to help the body naturally produce melatonin.
Cognitive Functioning
Emotional Regulation
Anti-aging Benefits
Brain Benefits
Cognitive Functioning
Our ingredients work together to promote healthy blood circulation, improved memory and cognitive functioning.
Immune Support
Enhanced Complexion
Body Benefits
Immune Support
Our adaptogenic ingredients Reishi and Ashwagandha work together with essential amino acids and antioxidants to boost the immune system and help keep the body functioning and healthy.
Danielle A. When I became a mom 5 years ago my sleep became hyper vigilant. Well now my youngest is 3 and I need a decent night's sleep! Enter, Remrise. I have a tried many things to help me sleep better and Remrise is the only dependable one. In fact Remrise is the only thing that helps me sleep without ear plugs! I feel the difference and my sleep tracker shows it - I used to get on average 40 minutes of deep sleep and now I get on average an hour and a half! My only complaint is the price, but honestly quality sleep is worth it. M T. Remrise sleep powder is a comforting warm mug of wonderful flavor. JANE K. I have had difficulty sleeping for years. And I have tried a number of different products. but Remrise tops them all. I am sleeping beautifully and soundly after my nightly drink! Diana F. I’ve had sleep problems for years. I had my doubts about whether or not I’d actually be able to peacefully fall asleep without using a sleep aid. I was actually anxious about it the first few nights and even in spite of my anxiety about falling asleep, this stuff worked (quite literally) like a dream. Even if I wake up through the night, this gentle all-natural miracle allows me to go back to sleep. I mix mine with almond milk and a splash of my favorite coffee creamer to suit my taste and with this, it tastes like a rich cup of hot chocolate. It works and is gentle, natural and no hang over. Really great! Stephen S. I have experienced insomnia for many years. I'm a week into this product and I see some improvement in my sleep. I need some more weeks to fully ascertain the results, but it's encouraging so far. Dawn F. great product Katherine W. I’ve been sleeping much better and much deeper since I started talking remrise powder, about 10 days ago. I heat it up in milk and add honey. It’s somewhere between hot cocoa and dirt. Krista C. I struggled daily with fatigue. I lost all motivation to keep up an active lifestyle and barely had the energy to do daily projects and chores. I bought some Remrise to help me sleep better because I wake up a lot during the night. While I still wake up, the quality of sleep I get is sooooo much better! The biggest things I’ve noticed is that when I wake up, I’m up, I’m not fighting to wake up the first few hours of the day. Also, I’m not crashing at 3pm! This has really helped me maintain more lasting energy during the day, thank you! Cheryl L W. Not sure Sheryl T. I've taken prescription medicine, over-the-counter sleep aids, and natural supplements for 50+ years. Remrise is the first one that really works without making me groggy, dizzy, etc. I have a Fitbit watch that tracks my sleep. Since I have been using Remrise for the past 12 nights, my Sleep Score has been in the 80s, and my deep sleep and REM sleep are right on target I don't care for the taste of the powder, but I think that's a small price to pay for a good night sleep! I add more cinnamon, monk fruit powder, and homemade cashew milk and use the provided rechargeable frother. That makes the taste acceptable to me. Mildred T. This product definitely helps chill you out and make your body feel relaxed. If that's the reason you have trouble sleeping, then I can imagine it would work well for you. But for me, it didn't help. I'm relaxed, but I don't sleep... Sarah C. I have been super surprised with how well this works! I have tried several natural sleep remedies prior, and none have worked, and had been taking a prescription sleep med for way too long. This helped me transition off the prescription night one! I had one rough night, but the rest of been good. I feel so much better during the day as well. Not hang over feeling at all, which I had all the time with my other med. The only thing I wish is that you would make the powder version in a pill too. I love the drink and it’s super relaxing, but since I have to drink it so close to bed time, I have to get up at some point in the night to pee. This does help me fall back to sleep, but it does take a little bit and I feel like an option to minimize this mid-night disruption would make it even stronger. Sheryl T. I have suffered with insomnia and fibromyalgia since I was a child. I have tried just about every supplement, over-the-counter medication as well as prescription medications over the past 50+ years. I have been using Remrise powder now for about 10 days, and I am absolutely amazed that it actually works, probably better than anything I've ever tried! I track my sleep with my Fitbit HR Inspire 2 watch. My sleep statistics have been getting better and better since I started Remrise. My deep sleep and REM sleep are right on target. I am falling asleep much easier and not waking up more than once per night which is a huge improvement for me. If I do wake up, I fall back to sleep quickly. I am finally able to make it through the day without crashing in the late afternoon, and I have been more productive during the day. I do not like the taste as others have mentioned, but I think that is a very small price to pay for a good night's sleep. To make the drink more palatable, I add almond milk and additional pure monk fruit powder, vanilla, and cinnamon. Now the taste to me is "acceptable," although the powder gets a big gritty, especially at the bottom. I am using the Remrise frother. Perhaps my mixer or blender would do a better job. Initially, I thought the price was very high, but now I realize that it is actually economical considering that I was taking a combination of so many supplements before, and the price of those likely added up to much more on a monthly basis. I hope that Remrise will continue to work on the flavor, but I am so thankful to have found this wonderful supplement. Robert D. Great product make sure you use it 2 weeks before you decide it's not for you because it takes that long for it to kick in but when it kicks in you can easily sleep 8 hours a night like I do! By the third week you'll be in heaven! Definitely use four scoops for this to happen ! Stephanie B. This stuff definitely works! Quick to put you to sleep and no grogginess in the morning. Elena B. I was getting desperate from lack of sleep, waking up feeling panicked with my heart racing. Within a few nights of starting Remrise I was not waking up as often, and when I did I was able to get back to sleep much easier. Very grateful to have found this it is worth the price. Lachlan M. I struggled with both falling asleep and staying asleep. I'd experimented with various options; THC, ZZZQuil, Melatonin, Trazodone, Ambien, etc. but they either had scary dependency issues or side effects. I started taking 3 scoops of Remrise powder 30-60mins before bed and I now don't have trouble falling asleep and can stay asleep more consistently too. My Sleep Monitor app shows night and day differences from before and after. I don't normally rave about things and honestly, I was skeptical of the claims made, but for me at least, they really work and have changed my life. Susan F. I love Remrise. I had been using Ambient to sleep for quite a while and then read that it can cause memory issues. Great:( So I saw Remrise and was thrilled there was no melatonin in it. Melatonin has complete adverse effects on me so I was relieved Remrise doesn’t have it. I have been using this for a few weeks now, and I’m NOT using Ambien anymore!! I cant believe it! Yahoo! I will say that it does take a few nights to kick in so be patient!! Night 3 is better. Night 4 even better! Thank you so much. My only wish is that it was in travel packets as I travel for work but I can divide it. Robert D. I tried about 20 different sleeping products and none of them worked I have severe tinnitus at night so I used a sleep mask along with listening to rain as white noise but that still didn't do the trick after 2 weeks of using remrise I sleep better than I ever have! Elizabeth G. I have had difficulty sleeping since having children. As an adult I wear earplugs, eye mask and have taken Melatonin, Unisom and a glass of wine to go to sleep almost every night. I was impressed by the research Remrise has done and decided to try it for myself. The first night I noticed nothing, by the third night I noticed I was falling asleep more easily when I awoke in the middle of the night (it happens often, I'm 58). After 6 nights of using Remrise I am NOT taking the Unisom (although I still take Melatonin). I am falling asleep quickly and when I wake up I am going back to sleep very quickly. I am very happy to be OFF the Unisom and very surprised and satisfied at the results so far!! Sophie A. Game changer. I wasn’t sleeping and now I am. Worked the first night. My husband and I are both obsessed! rich y. Remrise has been a huge help in falling asleep and staying asleep. ITs become a consistent part of my nightly routine. Kia W. I was tired of using my rx (trazodone) and was looking for something more natural. I like these ingredients. I feel much better than I did when taking my prescription. I'm not groggy and I feel well rested Ida T. I'm so glad I decided to order this. I feel refreshed when I wake up and my night sweats are less of an issue now Larry N. was wary to try but my whoop is logging up trends in my sleep efficiency. will continue to monitor but for 1 month this is great June M. This has really helped me relax and stay asleep. I take it about an hour before bed. I still wake up sometimes but I fall back asleep faster and feel great in the morning Ramsses L. I starting using remrise at the beginning of the pandemic to help me sleep. This is something you can take before bed and you will have sound sleep without grogginess in the morning. Matthew P. I have been taking for a few weeks but I have been sleeping much better. Ian B. I swear by this product, helps me sleep at night with no grogginess in the morning. Rachel T. I like the taste, especially when mixed with almond milk. And I do truly feel like I'm getting better sleep. I haven't used Advil or Tylenol PM since I began using the Remrise cocoa powder a few weeks ago (which I've used often over the past 4-5 years). And I feel like I have more energy during the day as a result. I'm impressed so far! Denise V. It's a little expensive, but who can put a price on good sleep? I can finally get a good nights rest. The taste isn’t the best, but again I don’t care. Sleep is more important Sandra M. I’ve never been a good sleeper. I was taking too much zzzquil. This really works! Richard H. This stuff is great! Haven’t slept more than 4 hrs for years! Sleeping 7 now! Millicent L. I have used this product for almost 2 months and it has been a life changer! Luis N. I’ve tried a handful of different "sleep aids" and this is the only one that has helped me actually stay asleep. Now I'm curious to try the vitamins Jorge C. This powder helps me relax and fall asleep without grogginess in the morning. Joseph U. Kept me asleep without waking up. Haven’t slept this solid for months. Jacqueline W. Love remrise and what they stand for. love natural, not rx! I wanted to use it on occasions when I needed a good night’s sleep but soon learned that I always need a good night’s sleep. Samantha M. This works great. My husband and I ordered one bag to start and we now have our own subscriptions. Highly recommended Alicia T. I've been drinking Remrise every night for the past month and my quality of sleep has been great. I have more energy in the morning and I feel like a new person, I should say, haha! And it tastes great. Kennedy P. This stuff is amazing. I have been using it for about a month now, and it has helped my sleep dramatically. I fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. I don't feel groggy in the morning either. I would highly recommend this product to anyone having trouble sleeping, as it has worked wonders for me. Olivia T. AH, I CAN ACTUALLY SLEEP!!! Seriously, the sleep powder has helped so much and I have been having trouble sleeping since I was a teenager. After taking this for the last few weeks, I have had so much more energy for the gym, work, housework, everything. I think I don't need to drink 4 cups of coffee a day now that I know I just need a solid nights sleep! Cutis V. The amount of quality sleep I have gotten since I started Remrise is surprising. I have been taking it an hour before bed during my "wind down" time where I read and relax, and by the time the hour is up, i'm knocked out. Feel super refreshed in the mornings now. Ernie S. I've ALWAYS had sleep issues. It feels like I can't turn my brain off at night and the most frustrating thing about it all has been the inconsistency between the nights I'm able to fall asleep and the nights I can't. I've tried melatonin in the past and it helped. I would eat these little chocolate candies and I'd fall asleep with no issue. What I hated was waking up feeling groggy and feeling hazy for the few hours of the day. Was I getting a good nights sleep or blacked out? Sleep is supposed to be restful. My wife has really helped me with this from a noice machine to finding a better pillow and even something she calls my "night time routine" (I'm 39...). The latest addition to her arsenal: Remrise. After having such impressive results, I wanted to share my experience: 1) this stuff tastes pretty good. The first time I had it was in the hot version. I won't lie and say it's the best hot drink I've ever had, but it's good. My favorite version is the smoothie my wife makes for us... that's like a treat before going to bed. 2) Remrise helps me fall asleep, but not knock me out. I know that when I've taken Melatonin, I can only take so much before sleep turns into blacked out. I've never had that concern or that feeling with this stuff. I drink my smoothie, watch a news, get ready for bed, and go to sleep. 3) The biggest difference, and I can't say this enough, is waking up and actually feeling rested. I feel like this is what sleep is for. I get up before my 6:30am alarm with energy for the day. No groggy feeling. No haze through the morning. I would say for anyone who has trouble getting a solid night's sleep, tired of waking up exhausted... it doesn't have to be that way. Julissa B. Since im taking remrise im feeling more energy, more active, focused on my Job, less fatigue, i love how my body reaction to this Kristen T. this helps me sleep and after researching the ingredients, it's more like a multivitamin. good to know I'm taking something that is actually good for me Susan L. I've tried every serum and oil to help me sleep, but this is the only thing that powers me off. customer service has been great in getting my next pouch over to me right away Anna S. This really works! Was skeptical at first, but after 4 days of using it I'm already staying asleep longer. I'm pleasantly surprised Derek N. Honestly, really impressed with Remrise. Lately, I have had trouble sleeping paired with some anxiety, and wanted something that was natural I could take for those tough nights. They shipped my order super quickly, and the powder is really helping at night. Going to keep taking it and see if it continues to help. Big fan already. Ryan L. For years, I have had trouble sleeping and have tried so many products, and anything that ever "worked" was usually a prescription medication that is so harmful to your body. After a friends recommendation, I tried this and so far have had much a better nights sleep. I really love that its all natural and is sort of "guilt-free". It took a few days to really kick in, but now I am so happy I tried it. Rose M. After years of trying different sleep products, I have pretty low expectations for new things I try. I can't tell you how many different products I have tried, and sleep just never seems to actually get any better. Well I have been using remrise now for almost 2 months, and its like a miracle. According to whoop my sleep efficiency has gone up to above 92% most nights now and I am getting almost double the amount of deep sleep. I'm so happy to have found something that actually works. David R. Works like a charm! Been sleeping an extra hour each night compared to usual. Tiara M. didn't think something natural would work, but I love this stuff. helps me sleep as much as my zzzquil. Oscar K. all natural and it works. I don't need to say more Johnny G. I like that theres a variety of ingredients, not just two or three basic ones. I don't recognize them all, but they're putting in work to keep me asleep. Love it! Pete N. I appreciate a product that is all natural but more importantly works. This is all I need from my sleep supplement Raeann M. I bought my sister this sleep powder to try and it's helped her fall asleep faster. Happy to get all the credit ;) Sarah M. it's pricier than my 50mg benadryl and 7.5mg melatonin, but I don't wake up groggy and it's nice to use something natural. Carlos E. I love this powder and the frother. It's great with my almond milk and a little bit of sea salt. I’m curious to try their vitamins as well! Jenny C. I've started dreaming again which is amazing! Still waking up a few times, but I fall back asleep fast Annabelle P. I've used their formulas from before and they worked well so I trust them. This is a great addition on those nights I need extra help to sleep. Darren P. Excellent product. noticed a difference fourth day I took it would definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs help sleeping Lucy H. I've been a Remrise subscriber now for a while and I have loved it. I've been using the powder pretty much daily and it has been so helpful for me. Plus, I recently went away for a work trip and I forgot to pack my remrise. I reached out to their team and they were able to overnight me some more product the same day! Really went above and beyond to make sure I was happy, and you don't see that a lot these days. Rich K. I had never tried a sleep product that was a drink, but I must say it was quite good! Enjoyed the taste and loved the impact it had on my sleep. Gina Y. This product works well to keep my anxiety clear. I was very surprised. Alonso N. It took a week to kick in, but I'm sleeping better and have more energy. I never thought remrise could help so much. Great Product. Charlee J. I have tried pretty much everything I have ever seen thats supposed to help improve sleep, and remrise is no question my favorite. Works like a charm, and I love the fact that it comes in drink form. Tasty + effective. Kathryn R. Just tried my first dose of my remrise powder and it tastes soo good! Oh yea, and I woke up before my alarm even went off feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Can't wait to keep using :) Steven M. apparently I didn't know what sleep was because now I actually sleep and its awesome Gio T. Since taking this powder I've been sleeping soundly and through the night--no tossing and turning or waking up multiple times. finally Sam H. I've been taking this for 3 weeks and it's working just as well as my trazodone now. I've also been dreaming again Andrew C. This has been the only thing that gets me feeling sleepy naturally. Also has helped my night sweats which I wasn't expecting Mimi H. Since having kids my sleep has just not been what it used to be. I honestly just came to accept that as a new reality, and felt that I should just get used to that. I have tried melatonin and a variety of other random things people have recommended to me. None of it really worked and I never stuck with any of it. The other day my friend told me to try out remrise. I did, and it has been a total game changer. I honestly never thought I would sleep like this again :) Thank you remrise, for making me feel young again! Jake L. My girlfriend found Remrise on instagram and we decided to try it out. We have both been struggling with sleep for the last few months and we have been trying to find some all natural sleep aids that we could try. Our search has officially ended! Thank you remrise, what better way to wind down for the night than with a nice warm chocolatey drink that is actually good for you! Kaity M. I have been having sleeping issues for months. After a few trial and errors, I stumbled across this gem and have been sleeping better since my first use. I usually take it two hours before my bedtime and I don’t have that drowsy feeling when I get up. I highly recommend to anyone that is looking into getting better zzz’s at night! Jor-El C. I liked the sleep powder and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It works well with water or almond milk. It definitely makes for a relaxing (and helpful) routine at the end of a day! Melissa K. Great product! Heather H. Taste good with a nut milk. Sleep is getting better. Jess T. This powder is awesome, has really good ingredients and large doses of them! I was taking magnesium, tart cherry and ashwagandha and had good success, but the combination of them was over $90 so was happy to find that this powder used all those plus has a bunch of chinese medicine ingredients at high doses. This sleep powder definitely worked even better than my combination of the magnesium, tart cherry and ashwagandha - helping me fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night - but I've also noticed an improvement in overall mood and daytime energy! Lisa B. After taking a year or so off with covid, I have recently been trying to get back into marathon shape and have been training for the Boston marathon. During my training, Remrise has been a huge game changer to my recovery. For the amount of time I have taken off, I have been so happy with how well I have been able to get back on track for my target pace. Good sleep really does make a huge different, thank you Remrise! Harry S. This Remrise sleep powder is awesome! I take it an hour before bed with warm water and by the time I get in bed I am lights out for the night. Julius Y. I tend to ruminate over work, so I constantly wake up hours before my alarm which ruins my day. With remrise I find I wake up right before my alarm and I feel great. Daniel W. I do meditation and it puts me in a better place, but it doesn’t help me to sleep. Remrise puts it over the top. I still wake up some nights, but I fall back asleep quickly and that's great for me Ernie S. I was skeptical about the sleep powder at first, as I have always had trouble staying asleep and couldn't find anything that worked, and this product does! Now, if I wake up in the middle of the night I am able to roll over and go right back to sleep, my mind is at ease instead of going a mile a minute! Will definitely keep using and would highly recommend! Amy R. My husband has been using the sleep powder for a few weeks now. Since he has been feeling great when he wakes up, I wanted to try it for myself. I love the taste and it's been fun mixing the powder with different almonds milk. Alma R. thanks to my friend for recommending this. He's been using the vitamins but I wanted something extra-strength. Was a little worried it wouldn't work, but happy to say after a few days I've been sleeping longer and waking up less at night. curious to see how much better this gets! Cam P. When I first saw Remrise I was a bit hesitant to try it since it is not cheap, but I decided to splurge and am so happy I did! I have been sleeping over 7 hours a night since starting which is insanely good for me. Even though it is not cheap, Remrise is totally worth it. Jessie W. This remrise sleep powder is great! My boyfriend and I have been both taking it now for about 3 weeks, and we both love it. This has replaced our night time tea ritual and we are now sleeping better than ever! Nicole G. My sleep has been pretty bad for a while. My friend recommended Remrise to me, so I decided I would give it a try... thank god I did! It's totally changed my sleep and I am feeling great! Daniela M. I used to use melatonin which was decent at times, but it often didn't really work for me and it made me pretty groggy in the morning. Since using remrise I have definitely felt the improvement. I am frequently getting the full nights rest I need, and I am no longer getting that grogginess in the morning. Going 2 months strong so far, and just upgraded to the 1 year subscription! Dan M. I use an oura ring to track my sleep, and ever since I started taking Remrise I have seen a big jump in deep sleep! It definitely is making a difference for me. Greg C. I've tried a bunch of different things to shut my mind off at night, but this is the only thing that works for me. Mike I've been taking Remrise for almost a full year now, and all I can say is WOW! For years, I have really just struggled to get good sleep. I was staying up late, waking up late and feeling tired and lazy in the mornings. Getting out of bed always sucked. Since starting my journey with Remrise, my sleep has taken a complete 180... I started waking up feeling ready to get up and start my day, and stopped hitting snooze on my alarm. Within a few months, the benefits continued and I found myself actually starting to improve my sleep hygiene and finally have been able to actually go to bed and fall asleep - instead of laying in bed restless for hours like I used to. Overall, I am feeling more energetic, healthier, and I am getting more out of my days. Both with work and every thing else in my life. Remrise has been a complete game changer! Airia P. I put 1 1/2 scoops into hot water each night about half an hour before bed. It works like a charm—I get sleepy the same time each night and I sleep deeply and wake up refreshed. I used to add monk fruit to sweeten it and now I don’t have to because the newest formula already includes monk fruit. It’s like they read my mind...:) Mary C. I haven’t been a good sleeper ... for a long time. Yes, pills work for awhile. I love Remrise. I love the ritual of preparing it and drinking before bed. I love dreaming again! I love being able to sleep through the night now. Renee B. I sleep so deep with the sleep powder. I feel like it's a great night of sleep and my Oura ring (sleep tracker) shows I get at least 2 hours of deep sleep when I drink it before bed. Kara K. I was having trouble sleeping through the night. After I started drinking Remrise before bed, I started allowing deeper and got more restful sleeps and my dreams returned. I can’t live without it now! Dave Best sleep aid I've ever used. I can only hope whatever's in this stuff is less toxic than the over the counter NyQuil type trash I used for years. Teresa I have been taking Remrise for several months and my sleep has drastically improved. I am much more rested and feel fantastic! Anne B. I’ve struggled with peri menopausal insomnia for 10 years. I’ve tried everything, and this is the only thing that works without causing daytime sleepiness. I fall asleep, stay asleep (which I haven’t done in years,) and wake with no grogginess. Love it.

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